The Batris is an aging Talarian cargo freighter that was commandeered by the Klingon rebel Korris.

Prime Timeline Edit

2364 Edit

Korris, with his fellow rebels Konmel and Kunivas, took over the Batris. It managed to destroy the IKS T'Acog in a battle a short time later, but was badly damaged in teh conflict and later exploded after a cascading engine failure. (TNG: "Heart of Glory")

Viggo Timeline Edit

2364 Edit

When Korris described the Batris having been "won in honorable battle", he really meant it was stolen while only two Talarian cooks were on-duty by him, Konmel (AKA "K-Stache") and Kunivas.

While en route to Romulus for the most epic of Tinder hookups between Korris and Sela (AKA Romulan Yar), it had a run-in with a Klingon bird-of-prey. After the battle it encountered the USS Hood, who sent over a rescue party. It exploded a short time later after having to endure roughly seven minutes of Geordi La Forge's Google Glass cam feed. (SS: "The Vulk-Mex Scene")

Notable Crew Edit

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