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The Batris is an aging Talarian cargo freighter that was commandeered by the Klingon rebel Korris.

Prime Timeline[]


Korris, with his fellow rebels Konmel and Kunivas, took over the Batris. It managed to destroy the IKS T'Acog in a battle a short time later, but was badly damaged in teh conflict and later exploded after a cascading engine failure. (TNG: "Heart of Glory")

Viggo Timeline[]


When Korris described the Batris having been "won in honorable battle", he really meant it was stolen while only two Talarian cooks were on-duty by him, Konmel (AKA "K-Stache") and Kunivas.

While en route to Romulus for the most epic of Tinder hookups between Korris and Sela (AKA Romulan Yar), it had a run-in with a Klingon bird-of-prey. After the battle it encountered the USS Hood, who sent over a rescue party. It exploded a short time later after having to endure roughly seven minutes of Geordi La Forge's Google Glass cam feed. (SS: "The Vulk-Mex Scene")

Notable Crew[]

  • Korris, commanding officer
  • Konmel, AKA "K-Stache", second in command
  • Kunivas