Doing cool science and flipping the bird at the Romulans is a job for the Galaxy-class boys. So what's left for an Excelsior-class has-been like the USS Hood? Bus duty for admirals and other dignitaries. That's what. Captain Robert DeSoto's looking at a long career without his best wingmen now that Riker and La Forge are jumping ship for the Enterprise. Who's going to clean up all that old person smell? What's up with Starfleet admiral uniforms? Is Bobby D. losing his mind playing Uber driver or is this all part of his presidential aspirations long game? It's our maiden voyage, so bracing positions everyone!

Features the first appearance of the USS Hood's CMO, the Vulcan Dr. Borik. Discusses how bloody Old Admiral McCoy is when he's on the Hood. Explores how the poor Hood is essentially a full-time bus for admirals and ambassadors, shipping them between starbases. How does Bobby D, AKA Captain Robert DeSoto, survive? Whiskey, downtime on bars in Andoria, and telling himself over and over that all these political connections will help him become President of the Federation some day.

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