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The Brothers Weems are the hosts of Stardate: Supplemental.

They are identical twins: Conrad the elder, and Kyle the younger.

The brothers grew up on reruns of the original Star Trek series, as it was in reruns by the time they were born in 1977, and enthusiastically consumed The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and even Enterprise as they came out through their high school and college years.

They survived the long Trek interregnum and are now consuming Discovery with gusto.


Conrad is the elder of the two, by around 19 minutes. He's the one with the beard, which means according to Star Trek rules he's probably the evil twin. Conrad is a data analyst for a major corporation, and as such believes he'd probably be a blue shirt if he were part of Starfleet. He has an old cat, named Oz Tiltycat Weems, who has a chronically snotty nose, is skinny in his old age, and has epic farts.


Kyle is the younger of the two, if just barely, but by Old Testament rules would miss out on inheriting everything. Kyle is a programmer, working in web development these days, and as such thinks he'd probably be a mustard shirt if in Starfleet. Which, in TNG terms, is the unluckiest color. It figures. He lives out in the countryside now, and gets epically snowed in during the winter, Andorian style.