Viggo Timeline Edit

Dr. Borik is the chief medical officer of the USS Hood as of at least 2364.

A Vulcan doctor, 82 years of age in 2364 (so looks, what, mid-20s to humans?). Chosen for his position on the Hood due to his calm demeanor despite the complete chaos of constantly hauling admirals and ambassadors about.

Doesn't keep any brandy in his sick bay, which is a source of annoyance to Admiral McCoy when the Hood is hauling him somewhere.

2365 Edit

Borik took a leave of absence in 2365 to return to Vulcan for pon farr, and spent some additional time on that world. During this time, Admiral McCoy took it upon himself to serve as chief medical officer in Borik's place.

2366 Edit

Borik returned to the Hood in 2366 and resumed his post as chief medical officer just prior to the ship dealing with a Sheliak corporate ship that was threatening to destroy a previously unknown human colony in Sheliak space. (SS: "Canadian Riker")

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