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Is Starbase 74's Commander Orfil Quinteros actually evil mirror universe Picard? He has the goatee and habit of uncomfortable touching to make a good case that at the least he's Creepy Picard. But never fear, Dane "Double Horgon" McMurphy is there with his peak 80's rugged good looks as Chief of Operations to build morale with some team building exercises on casual Friday. Would Bynars boost the Hood? What's Borg Light? Put a fish in the percolator cause it's going to get juicy.

Opening Ramble[]

The brothers open by discussing how dang early it is, and ponder what morning beverages are like in the 24th century. Allegedly the Cardassians love hot fish juice. Is that... good? Is it... hideous? Is it just broth for breakfast? But the Ferengi's snail juice? They both agree that's a hard no. And what is the classic pairing for raktajino? Is it a croissant?

Ship of the Week[]

The episode's "ship of the week" is actually a station, Starbase 74, which is seen in TNG's 1x15 "11001001".

Due to Commander Quinteros strongly resembling Picard with a goatee, the Brothers theorize that he is actually the Picard from the infamous Mirror Universe. How did he get in the Prime timeline? What's his goal?

A background character briefly seen in an engineering jumpsuit looks like a pretty cool dude with his strong chin and styled blonde curls, like a surfer doing a gig as an extra. The Brothers decide he's actually the station's Chief of Operations, their much hipper version of Chief O'Brien, named Dane McMurphy. Dane likes trips to Risa, hence his nickname, and is big on parties and casual Fridays.

What Would DeSoto Do[]

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