Prime Timeline Edit

2364 Edit

Jake Kurland lived aboard the USS Enterprise-D as a young civilian in 2364. He lived with his father, who served on the Enterprise as a Starfleet officer. He attempted to qualify for Starfleet Academy entrance exams but failed to make the cut, and so stole the shuttlecraft Copernicus in an attempt to go join a freighter crew. He instead caused the shuttle to almost be destroyed before he was saved by the guidance of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. (TNG: "Coming of Age")

Viggo Timeline Edit

2364 Edit

Sometime after the Copernicus incident, Jake's father Kevin Kurland transferred to the USS Hood to become its new chief science officer. Jake moved to the Hood with his father, and was allowed to serve as acting ensign. He takes shifts as helmsman on the bridge.

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