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2364 Edit

Lt. Longo served on the USS Enterprise-D. He was one of the male officers seen in the "skant"-style uniform, and was part of the ship's Parrises Squares team when Tasha Yar and Worf led it to compete against the Starbase 74 team.

Viggo Timeline Edit

2364 Edit

In 2364 Longo transferred to the USS Hood after his final Parrises Squares match alongside the Enterprise's team. He received special dispensation from Captain Robert DeSoto to keep wearing the skant uniform after it was phased out of the uniform code in 2365.

Longo served on the USS Hood. as its helmsman and second officer.

He helped resurrect the ship's Parrises Squares team, dismayed at its state when he transferred over, and serves as the team's captain. He has successfully recruited Lt. Kalas to the team. He really enjoys the freedom and breathability of his skant uniform, which also lets him show off his athletic calves.

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