Prime Timeline Edit

M'Ress was a communications officer with the rank of lieutenant who served on the USS Enterprise in 2269 and 2270.

Viggo Timeline Edit

While still an ensign, M'Ress served aboard the USS Hood (NCC-1703) under Captain Kenneth Dodge in 2266 as an operations officer.

It was during this year that the Hood ended up in a pitched battle with the Kzinti that opened a time rift that sent the ship one hundred years into the future to 2366. There the damaged ship encountered its future namesake, the Excelsior-class USS Hood, in an alternate future where the Federation was losing a war against the Kzinti-Klingon Alliance.

M'Ress worked with the future Hood's crew in helping repair her Hood so it could return through the rift to prevent the war from ever occurring. During this time she came to form a brief romantic relationship with that timeline's Geordi La Forge. He stowed away aboard the old Hood to join her in her timeline. Unfortunately for him, M'Ress's feelings did not last and they broke up shortly after he ended up in the 23rd century.

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