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Viggo Timeline[]

Microbrain and the Ugly Bags of Mostly Water, (often called Microbrain for short) is a 24th century metal band. It was formed by drummer Arthur Malencon and guitarist Bjorn Bensen in 2364 during their time working at the terraforming facility of Velara Base on Velara III.

Luisa Kim, the lead singer of Microbrain

The two, who have had musical ambitions for years, invited fellow terraformer Luisa Kim to join them as their lead singer after learning of her vocal talents.

The band's start was almost cut short by a confrontation with the previously unknown native, sentient, silicon-based microbrains (which they named their band after upon discovery) who almost killed Arthur, but disaster was narrowly averted by the intervention of the crew of the USS Hood.

The near-disaster made them realize that life was short and that they should pursue their dreams, so the three left Velara III and begun to actively tour. (SS: "Microbrain and the Ugly Bags of Mostly Water").

They found their powerful metal sound to be popular with Klingons, and even extended their first Alpha Quadrant Tour to include Qo'noS after their gig on Andoria.

Their first album is "Straight out of Sto'vo'kor", with a lead single of the same name.