Prime Universe Edit

Richard Castillo was the helmsman of the USS Enterprise-C in 2344. When Captain Rachel Garrett was killed by a Klingon attack in an alternate timeline in the 2366 after the ship was displaced there due to a time rift, Castillo took acting command of the ship to insure the Enterprise would fix the timeline in its doomed defense of Narendra III in 2344, as originally intended. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

Viggo Timeline Edit

Castillo was voted sexiest officer in the fleet three years in a row.

An avid dom-jot player, before the Enterprise-C's last doomed mission he played the game against a young Ensign Jean-Luc Picard at a starbase.

He played Parrisses Squares at Starfleet Academy, where he mastered the legendary third step kick-flip. (SS: "Radio Letters")

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