The SS Tsiolkovsky is an Oberth-class starship operated by Starfleet.

Prime Timeline Edit

2364 Edit

The Tsiolkovsky was studying a red giant star that was undergoing collapse. The gravity waves of the red giant's collapse generated a phenomenon known as polywater toxicity that infected the crew, making them behave as if extremely drunk and overheated.

The crew's irrational behavior eventually led to their death. (TNG: "The Naked Now")

Viggo Timeline Edit

2364 Edit

The Tsiolkovsky was under the command of Captain Misha Volkov while studying the red giant. Among its crew at the time was the Orion civilian scientist Dr. Chadzik.

Dr. Chadzik, while dealing with the polywater crisis, discovered how to synthesize the polywater into a new club drug called "Polyanna".

Captain Volkov abandoned the ship along with Chadzik and a few loyal officers, faking her death to abandon Starfleet and start her own crime syndicate. The Tsiolkovsky was destroyed by the stellar remnant after the rest of the crew froze to death in an attempt to cool off mid-party. (SS: "Its Getting Hot In Here")

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