When Roga Danar gets tired of eating raw rabbits in the worst campout ever with his fellow ex-military members of the Sleepover Squad, he decides to break loose. But the Enterprise is in orbit to stop him. Who's going to come out on top? How does Barclay afford his apartment? What do you put on post-economy rental applications? Make sure you've got a rabies vaccination form, it's a new pod!

Opening Ramble Edit

The show opens with Conrad discussing the epic farts of his old cat, Oz. The brothers manage to eventually steer into a discussion about Conrad's current apartment hunt, and contemplating what the metrics are for apartment hunting in the 24th century Federation, which is a post-economic society where a "credit score" doesn't make sense.

Ship of the Week Edit

The brothers discuss the Angosian police shuttle hijacked by super soldier Roga Danar in TNG's episode 3x11 "The Hunted".

What Would DeSoto Do Edit

The brothers ponder how the USS Hood would handle Roga's trickery and hijinks, due to their relatively less competent crew compared to the Enterprise.

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