Stardate: Supplemental is a Star Trek commentary podcast. It is hosted by the Brothers Weems, Kyle and Conrad. They explore the other ships inside of the Star Trek universe, wondering what a day in the life is like there, humorously extend known facts about them into absurd premises, and theorize what they would do to solve a crisis if the Enterprise was delayed.

The podcast is the subject of this wiki's articles.

Most episodes contain three segments:

  • The Opening Ramble where the brothers talk about their life and random topics related to the 24th century and the more absurd extrapolations about what life there is like.
  • The Ship of the Week, the central piece of each episode where they discuss a starship or facility that was featured in a Star Trek episode, discussing its features, crews, and its place inside the Star Trek continuity. This often involves humorous digressions into the more absurd aspects of what is implied about these ships from the episode or series context.
  • A "what if?" segment, either What Would DeSoto Do or What Would Volkov do, where the brothers theorize what would happen if the second-string starship USS Hood captained by Robert DeSoto or the criminal organization ship IKS Targ captained by former Starfleet officer Misha Volkov were to encounter the mission or episode premise of the podcast episode's main focus instead of the USS Enterprise.
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