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Doctor Nel Apgar has two problems: hiding the fact that he's secretly working for the Romulans, and his totally not-cool jealousy issues regarding his wife. How is going to solve them both? The classic evil scientist way, with attempted murder! Too bad for him he screws up so bad he blows himself up, and too bad for us but we had to watch one of the worst episodes in TNG history! Is Viggo an out of control flirt? Do Klingons have problems getting apartments if they own a targ? What sauce do you put on your cone of street gagh? Set phasers on lavender, it's a space law episode!

Opening Ramble[]

The Brothers Weems discuss Conrad's apartment hunt, and ponder the details of Klingon apartment hunts. Does owning a targ make it harder? Do they ever have carpet? Is it desirable to live near an isolinear chip music store or Raktajino shop? What about street gagh food trucks?

Station of the Week[]

Conrad states that Star Trek: TNG episode 3x14 "A Matter of Perspective" is downright horrible. He spends a lot of accordion time sharing exactly why. Kyle agrees. It's got a bad case of space law, a worse case of uncomfortable itchy Riker, and a ton of bad tropes. But it's the one they watched to learn about the Tanuga IV Research Station and its occupants: evil scientist Dr. Nel Apgar, his wife Manua Apgar, and the surviving research assistant Tayna who has perhaps the ugliest shirt in Star Trek history. They ponder, once again, whether any Federation-associated scientists are not evil, and whether there's ever any non-Federation worlds that don't have a "guilty until proven innocent" policy.

What Would DeSoto Do[]

As the brothers see it, Commander Mortensen is no Riker, and with no Casanova reputation to protect he's much more cautious when he deals with the thirsty Manua's predations. So he keeps Robinson with him at all times, giving no opportunity to create further misunderstandings with the Apgars. Despite this, Dr. Apgar still wants to hide the Romulan involvement, and tries to kill Mortensen, leading to an explosion of the station like in the original episode.

Bobby is on a fishing trip in the holodeck with Kevin Kurland and Jake, helping the two bond more. Bobby is a natural at fishing, Kevin is an absolute mess, and Jake would rather be anywhere else. They're interrupted when the station explodes and Bobby has to go deal with the Tanugan extradition request.

With Mortensen never left alone, the case against him falls apart quickly. Instead of being distracted by the ordeal, the Hood's team are able to discern the Romulan connection much more quickly. This startles the Romulan Tommy, who is eavesdropping from a nearby cloaked Romulan ship. He decides the gig's up and leaves as quickly as possible.