The USS Hood (NCC-1703) is a Constitution-class starship operated by Starfleet.

Prime Timeline Edit

The USS Hood was in service during 2268, when it participated in war games against a computer-controlled USS Enterprise. It was badly damaged when the A.I. controlling the Enterprise went rogue. (TOS: "The Ultimate Computer")

Viggo Timeline Edit

The captain of the USS Hood was Captain Kenneth Dodge. Ensign M'Ress served aboard the Hood as the operations officer before later being transferred to the Enterprise.

Kzinti War Timeline Edit

An alternate timeline was created in 2366 when the USS Hood ended up passing through a time rift one hundred years earlier in 2266 that sent it to that year, over 100 years after a battle between it and Kzinti ships. In this timeline, the Kzinti had become emboldened by their seeming destruction of a top-of-the-line Federation starship and grown more aggressive, even conquering the Klingons and forming the Kzinti-Klingon Alliance before then making war on the Federation. The Federation was losing this war in 2366 where the Hood appeared and encountered her namesake, the Excelsior-class USS Hood. (SS: "Radio Letters")

Notable Crew Edit

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