A Constellation-class starship captained by Jean-Luc Picard until 2355 when it was destroyed in the so-called Battle of Maxia. JLP was captain of it during the Cardassian Wars.

Viggo Timeline Edit

Jean-Luc's BFF Jack Crusher served as the XO until he died in a tragic accident in 2353, probably due to science gone wrong. (Isn't it usually?)

Through the usual time paradox hijinks, somehow actor Viggo Mortensen ended up on the Stargazer in the 24th century, and served as the ship's weapon officer.

J & J were a pair of Dom-jot hustling bad boys during their Stargazer days. As the ship was too old and small for a Ten Forward or similar lounge, and lacked a holodeck, they converted the rarely used Cargo Bay 4 into a sports bar, dragging in Picard's Dom-jot table and throwing up a dart board. They called this bootleg establishment Bay 4. (SS: "The Dom-Jot Boys")

Notable Crew Edit

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