What Would DeSoto Do is the final segment of most episodes of Stardate: Supplemental.

In it, Conrad & Kyle theorize what the Star Trek episode where the Ship of the Week would be like if the crew of the USS Hood, under Captain Robert "Bobby D." DeSoto, were assigned to the mission or situation in question instead of the crew of the USS Enterprise.

Due to the "admiral bus" nature of the Hood, which is an older, smaller ship than the Enterprise, and the peculiarities of its crew, the missions progress with a good deal of hijinks and often narrowly averts outright failure. However, from time to time, their qualities make them better at tackling the issue than the flagship of Starfleet.

Not all episodes contain a What Would DeSoto Do segment, as sometimes they instead feature renegade ex-Starfleet captain Misha Volkov and her criminal cartel in What Would Volkov Do.

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