Prime Timeline Edit

First officer of the USS Enterprise.

Formerly was the first officer of the USS Hood. before transferring to the Enterprise in 2364 in a rendezvous at Deneb IV. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint")

Viggo Timeline Edit

Before 2364 Edit

Sometime in or near 2361 Riker was assigned as first officer of the USS Hood.

2364 Edit

Riker's originally planned transfer to the USS Enterprise was delayed by several months when the planned rendezvous at Deneb IV didn't occur.

Riker was present when a Ferengi DaiMon gifted Captain DeSoto with the repaired USS Titanic, Bobby's first command that was presumed lost when it slammed into a moon during a battle against an unknown attacker that turned out to be a Ferengi vessel. The gift turned out to be a ruse, when in fact the DaiMon had planted a mind control device on the Titanic to cause Bobby to attack the Hood. Riker commanded the Hood in the engagement against his own captain, foiling Bobby's use of the DeSoto Maneuver in the process. However, his embarrassment at DeSoto's behavior made both him and Lt. Geordi La Forge decide it was past time that they get transferred to a new assignment. (SS: "The Dom-Jot Boys")

A short time later, when the Hood arrived at Starbase 74 for a retrofit of its conference rooms, Riker transferred off the Hood and onto the Enterprise. (SS: "Hot Fish Juice")

Will keeps a scrapbook detailing major disasters that occur in Starfleet to help him memorize mistakes that have happened because he wants to be a captain some day. This scrapbook includes the incident caused by Tam Elbrun that destroyed the USS Adelphi. (SS: "Bat'leths & Bloodwine")

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